New Moon Massacre

The New Moon Massacre is the bloody tale of the extermination of the Royal Family of the Ancient city of Pishturn.

The King of Pishturn was a human man said to be married to an elven wife, she had six children by her husband and it was said that her magic was strong enough to give her husband an extended life. He was a fair man, and while there was some greed and corruption in his court, it was no bad and most artisans, works and peasants lived a decent enough life and never feared starvation or epidemics of illness.

Gorgon was said to be jealous of his cousin’s marriage, because one he wanted the magic that gave his cousin extended life and also because he wanted the power associated with the throne.

Gorgon’s plan was swift, on the night of the New Moon of Autumn, it is said Gordon summoned the dead to take the lives of his cousin, his wife and their six children. In the morning the servants found each member of the royal family dead in their bed.

However some people believe there was a seventh child, the youngest who was actually one of Nicky’s companion in the battle against Gorgon. His statue resides in one of the windows of the Negura.

New Moon Massacre

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