Kish's Mother


Nina is considered a legend and revered as an example of motherhood to most gryphons.

She was born to Golden Wing, the Wing Mother of the Feather clan. Unlike many gryphons who have blood siblings, she was the only egg to hatch from Gold Wing’s many clutches. She trained in her youth to be a warrior, but after a while, she decided to focus on her love for jewelry, and became a connoisseur of found jewels and made a pretty business among her clansmen.

One morning, she decided to go through on a dare of a friend and sun near the Talon-Padfood border. That’s where she met Moth. Their love was an instantaneous thing.

However tensions were running high between the Talon-Padfoot clan and the Feather clan. And no matter how she tried Nina could not say now to Moth’s proposal to mate. On their Mating Flight night, Moth and Nina were ambushed by members of Nina’s clan. Both were knocked out and Nina was taken back to her clans territory. Legends say when Nina woke from being capture she tried everything she knew to sway her captures to letting her go, but Moth flew to her aid and attacked her clansmen. When he was overwhelmed by Feather warriors and subdued, Nina escaped her own capture by her clansmen to come to Moths aid.

The news of Moth’s capture rallied Moth’s clan who came in full force to battle with the Feather clan. But as Moth and Nina worked to defend each other from not only their own clans men but other clans men the battle came to a stand still. Moth spoke words of wisdom that moved those near by. The war was ended before it truly had began and many lives were saved.


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