The First Wing Mother of the Aeire


Prior to her becoming the Wing Mother of the now united Gryphon Clans, Kish’s early life is one of debate.

Many scholars believe that she was the prize and joy of her parents. She was a single child. Another belief that is HIGHLY debated is that she had commit the act of barbarism against a fellow gryphon to get exiled because she wanted to be able to see her clan from the out side and seek help with the perceived corruption in her clan. However because she was really the honorable sort, she didn’t fly to hunt. The fact that gryphons are not so graceful on the ground means that she couldn’t keep herself well fed and ended up weak. However that is when Nicky and her falcon Velox found her.

The human helped nurse her to health. They were happened upon by bandits and during the fight Velox was injured.

The debate about the why of Kish’s exile happens around the following issue, the stories all agree that Kish and Nicky decided to travel together with the intent to find the Givers and ask them to heal Velox’s broke wing. If Kish had gotten herself exiled with the intent to discover the corruption in her clan, why would she agree to help with stranger with her falcon?

What ever the stance on the legend, the two struck out on their quest. However in the midst of the quest the two discovered Gorgon’s plot and raced to prevent his tyranny and free those already living in hell.

Of course many gloss over the battle only to say that they wiped Gorgon off the face Syrill and freed the enslaved. History continues to exalt them as the masterminds behind the victories, although recent publications are questioning that current stance.


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