Gorgon Demyer

Enslaver of the Past


History tells us that Gorgon was a spoiled child, was not inclined for sharing and as he got older cruel and bitter.

When he turned 26 he began to lust after the throne of Pishturn, and when his cousin, in his 70s at the time, still did not look the part of dying, Gorgon took it into his own hands to relieve his cousin of the throne. There years later, Gorgon committed the New Moon Massacre and took the throne of Pishturn for himself. At first he ingratiated himself to the nobles of Pishturn, solidifying his rule before slowly killing the nobles off. Once Pishturn was free of any objecting voices he did as he pleased. Enslaving the people and taking what he wanted from the land. Families starved, the land became one of death and disease and all real trade stopped.

It wasn’t until Kish and Nicky stopped close to Pishturn in their travels that their quest changed from healing Velox to destroying the man who sought to enslave all of Syrill.

In the final battle against the rebel forces, Gorgon unleashed horrific magics, but when the dark mage fell to Kish and Nicky his magic was released and life was restored to most parts of the land.

Gorgon Demyer

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